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Available for dogs of all breeds and ages!

Creating harmonious relationships between pets and their people

Relationship Focused Training, Behavior Modification, & Mental Health Service Training



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Training & Behavior Modification curtailed for your pet & family.

Every dog has the potential to become harmonious and well-balanced

Pet Life Harmony is passionate in improving pets and their families' lives by offering holistic, relationship based training and behavior modification services employing effective, science based, balanced techniques proven to develop mutual communication and respect. 

There's more to it than just training!
Let's create a fulfilling, behaviorally balanced life for your pet.

We will:
Mold your pet into a balanced individual with training - we teach manners, cues, and create healthy communication habits 
Explore how they see the world around them by discussing key relationships, past experiences, home layout, core motivations, play-style, and self-esteem.
Train them in various environments including stores, restaurants, dog parks, and markets.
Teach you how to understand your pet's body language, behavior, manage interactions, and help you become your pet's trusted partner.
Help you stay consistent to maintain a mutually beneficial bond between you and your best friend.

We build a bridge of mutual understanding by integrating relationship based training, behavior modification, enrichment planning, and holistic pet life counseling so any pet can life a harmonious, complete life. 

Creating Harmony for you and your pet

At Pet Life Harmony,  we prioritize creating a peaceful home environment for both you and your beloved pets. 

Our training & behavior services go beyond teaching simple commands- we show you how to clearly communicate, correct unwanted behaviors, develop healthy habits, and bond with respect by providing all the tools you need for your pet to thrive within your home. 

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Peace begins with clear boundaries and communication. Our services are ideal for any dog of any age, breed, or history. 
  • Relationship driven behavior modification and training techniques

  • Individualized support including Progress Trackers, at home guides, and photo/video updates

  • Balanced solutions curtailed to your specific pet and family's needs

  • Training incorporates your entire family. Our in-home sessions should include every member of the household to ensure consistency. 

Our Services

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Training Camp

Perfect for any dog to learn the skills needed to become the best version of themselves!

Using balanced training & behavior modification techniques, your pup will gain manners, confidence, experience, & understanding on how to respectfully interact with people and other dogs. We will teach 15+ basic training cues on & off leash as well as general manners.

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Hybrid Program

This program guarantees lifelong results by providing up to three months of comprehensive support.

Your pet will receive training on-site as well as ongoing in-home or virtual sessions to maintain consistency & confidence for all.  Complete transformations found here.

Recommended for training specialized skills or to address complex behavioral concerns.

During training, we'll address

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Hi, I’m Noemi

With over 20 years of dog training and behavior modification expertise, plus a Bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior, I've found that a relationship focused, balanced approach is most effective for any dog to reach it's full potential. There's no "one size fits all"! I work with every dog as a unique individual within his/her motivation scale.  Beyond training and instilling the knowledge in your dog, I also help you understand them, their body language, and offer the tools redirect unwanted behaviors. By developing a customized plan to meet your family's expectations and training your pet to becoming it’s best self, I nurture harmonious relationships between pets their people.

My mission is to ensure life long harmonious fur families in hopes of reducing the number of pets that end up in shelters. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We take the time to understand and translate your beloved pets perspective of life. We then offer practical solutions to enhance their overall well-being.

  • We consider several factors to define your pet's world view including genetics, exercise, diet, social identity, temperament, life experiences, likes, & dislikes.

  • We respect the unique relationship you have with your pet and curtail our services to improve your relationship with your pet based on your needs.

  • We love all animals! Our expertise lies in training and matching dogs, cats, horses, small animals, and parrots - every furry or feathery friend out there. 

  •  We base our recommendations and training services on your family’s expectations, dynamics, lifestyle preferences, and necessary manners to improve communication.

  • We're knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to finding answers that meet the individual needs of each pet.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Noemi Debriano is an exceptional dog trainer with an unparalleled skill set that brings out the best in every pup. Her caring and compassionate nature combined with her expertise have transformed our Akita/Husky/Border Collie mix, Bear, into a well-behaved and joyful companion & family member

Cheryl Anton

“Noemi has a true gift in her understanding of the animal mind. Her expertise, intuition, and dedication to the field of behavior is second to none. I would feel confident entrusting her with any of my training needs.”

Dr Jenna Armstrong, DVM

woman 13
Noemi was a tremendous resource in helping me understand my dog's constant barking and jumping. With just a few visits, we were able to see a huge difference in our dog's confidence and connection with us. We're so thankful for her help. 

Jill Jameson

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We're All Ears!

We provide free behavior evaluations to begin solving your pet's problems today.

Whether you're searching for your next furry friend or need training, behavioral support, or pet care advice, reach out!


Our team is eager to help achieve harmony with your pet in any way possible.

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