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Pet Life

At Pet Life Consulting, our mission is to provide pet owners with the knowledge and insight they need to ensure their pets have a happy and healthy life. Our experienced team of pet experts can assist pet owners in identifying potential medical issues, understanding behavioral challenges and finding practical solutions that will promote well-being for their pet. Whether you're dealing with an aging animal or looking for some fun activities to do with your furry friend, we can help. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the individual needs of both pet and owner. From one-on-one consultations with handy veterinary referrals to finding local solutions and offering holistic health advice, we strive to make sure every pet gets the care it deserves. We also provide assistance in creating custom activity plans to keep your companion fit and engaged while stimulating its mental health. We believe that an active lifestyle creates a healthier, happier pet. 

 Together we'll create a personalized plan so you can give your beloved companion the loving care they deserve!


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Pet Balance Home Setup

Behavior based advice to ensure that your home feels safe and balanced to your pet. We will discuss your daily interactions, work schedule, "den" placement, food bowl placement, toys, door manners, bonding games, and define healthy interactions with      family, new people and pets.

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Pet Life Counseling

Life with pets evolves and changes over time. We're here to support you through life's ebbs and flows so you can maintain that special bond over the years that you will have your pet. Major life changes also affect our pets.  Together, we'll plan smooth life transitions. 

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Young Pet Milestone Coach

Puppies, Kittens, and even parrots require ongoing guidance, reinforcement, and exposure. We're here to help you establish a healthy, balanced pet by assigning bonding & training activities, as well as body language and training advice on an ongoing basis.

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Aged Pet Care Counseling

Taking optimal care of your furry friend involves ensuring proper nutrition, physical exercise, mental stimulation, grooming, and their emotional health also plays a critical role in their overall wellbeing. We elevate both you and your pet's quality of life for years to come.

Virtual Services

  • Zero stress- you don't need to leave the comfort of your homes to take their pets for training or behavior help. 

  • Expert guidance- we provide online advice and support to address any pet-related issue. 

  •  Cost-effective-no need to pay for additional travel expenses or time away from home. 

  • Increased accuracy in tracking your pet's progress with real-time data collection without external influences.

  • Opportunity to personalize the training program to specifically address your pet's needs 

  • Convenient for the entire family- Flexible scheduling, so you schedule virtual training sessions at times that fit into everyone's busy schedules. 

Virtual Behavior Support

For all pet animals- dogs, cats, horses, rodents, & parrots.

Do your pet's problem behaviours have you feeling held hostage?

Don't worry, we're here to restore harmony - let's get to the root of the issue. Whether your pet is struggling with anxieties, fears, phobias or aggressive tendencies, our personalized behavior solutions are tailored to your specific pet's needs and as well as your family, home layout, and schedule. 


Every pet is unique, so our approach is to customize solutions according to your pet's personality and motivation. The program is designed without a specific timeframe, ensuring that your pet will evolve, bond, and develop healthier communication skills.


During our consultation sessions, we'll work together to develop a personalized action plan to address unwanted behavior, while training cues and introducing games, toys, and enrichment to improve your pet's well-being and connection with your family.


Say goodbye to frustrating behavioral issues and hello to a happier, healthier bond with your furry friend!

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Virtual DIY Obedience Coach

Basic Training for active pet parents

Modeling, manners, bonding, & boundaries define healthy relationships

W help you take your pup, kitten, horse, or bird from being naughty and rambunctious to a gentle and kind companion. The sessions are flexible and tailored to each individual pet's needs, allowing for weekly meetings to ensure that progress is being made.


During these sessions you will learn the proper techniques to effectively train your pet, including teaching new words and commands as well as building a strong bond between you two. With our guidance, you will be able to successfully teach your pet desirable behaviors and have them exhibit those behaviors more often than not in no time.

By having personalized guidance and an experienced trainer always within reach, your relationship with your furry friend can blossom into something truly special..

There's no better feeling than watching your pup learn new things and being a part of their progress - so remember, reward the good behavior and have fun with your training!

In Home Services

Available for the Charleston Metro area

• Direct interaction with pet and owner in familiar environment
• Hybrid services offered to address behavior issues and integrate pet back into home 

• In-person body language training for improved communication between pets and their owners 

• Opportunity for pets to learn basic commands and develop impulse control in a comfortable setting 

• Reduced risk of unwanted behaviors developing due to one-on-one instruction from qualified trainer 

• Hands on guidance to assist owners in learning how to properly reinforce the training offered to their pets

In- Home Training & Behavior Consultation

Meet our trainer and behavior consultant from the comfort of your home

In home training with a customized approach is designed to meet the individual needs of each pet and family, and to fit into the lifestyle of its owners. In person sessions can be tailored to your pet specifically, allowing one on one time with the trainer as well as teaching pet parents how to maintain their pet's training in between sessions. During these sessions, trainers show you how to understand body language, manage your home space, and offer one: one training to your pet. We'll also show pet parents how to effectively communicate with their pets.


Through viewing your home, meeting your family, observing your exercise space & games, and understanding your pet's home dynamics, we can tailor a customized plan to suit you and your furry family member. In-home training can be highly advantageous for enhancing the overall wellbeing of your beloved pet.

Every pet is unique! Book a free evaluation to explore how we can help your pet!

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Hybrid Dog Training

The ideal combination of train & board,  in-virtual, & in-home

Hybrid training solutions are a thorough, comprehensive approach to teaching and maintaining your pet's proper behavior. Hybrid training solutions integrate two weeks of training on our home & farm, as well as training in their home.


During the their time on the farm, our experienced trainers will teach obedience cues, manners, expand experiences, and provide proper socialization. Dogs will have the opportunity to interact with other animals, learn basic commands, and become comfortable with a number of experiences and conditions. We introduce your dog to new people, model healthy games, and offer enrichment activities while also maintaining consistency in their learning. We'll even take them to restaurants, hardware stores, and events.


The one on one training is designed to help acclimate your pet to build a healthier bond between pet and owner and reinforce the lessons learned during the farm-based portion of the program. During these personalized sessions, trainers can answer questions, provide feedback, and assess progress that is uniquely tailored to the animal's needs and goals.

The consistency of this hybrid approach ensures that both pet and owner understand commands and expectations and provides specialized attention throughout their journey.

On- Site Training & Boarding

• Complete Education on Site: All training and education is completed on-site, meaning you can be sure your dog will be getting the most comprehensive learning experience possible.

• Lifetime Training Solution: The program offers a lifetime training solution, so even after your dog has completed its initial training, it can continue to receive guidance and feedback as needed.

• Established Manners, Boundaries, Commands: Your dog will have established and consistent boundaries and commands that are taught throughout the program’s duration.

• Bring Home a Completely Trained Dog with Full Understanding: You can rest assured that the program will provide your dog with an understanding of basic commands, behaviors, boundaries, and manners to ensure a stress-free home environment. 

Train & Board

A complete education for dogs of all ages on our farm & home

Our Train and Board program works to bring peace to the home, complete education on site, and a lifetime training solution that will last long after our work together is done.

After completing the program, you’ll bring home a completely trained dog with full understanding of established manners, boundaries, and necessary commands.


Our expert trainers help your furry friends learn obedience cues, manners, and expand their experiences while on the farm. They will have the opportunity to meet new animals, learn basic commands, and become comfortable with a myriad of experiences and conditions. We introduce your dogs to new people, model healthy games, and offer enrichment activities while also ensuring consistency in their learning. We even accompany them to restaurants, hardware stores, and events, providing holistic socialization and training.


We will also offer a complementary in-home session to re-introduce your pet into the home. This intensive program will ensure that your pet can receive the obedience they deserve while also having a balanced life with clear expectations.

Our program helps create peace and harmony in the home by equipping both owners and dogs with the tools necessary for success.

 With our program your pup will come home happy, healthy, obedient, and fully trained!

Dogs with Dog Walker
Dog Walker at the Park

Enriched Boarding

Small group boarding with a twist!

Boarding done with your pet's best wellbeing in mind

Our boarding program is designed to stimulate and motivate your pet to continue learning while having fun. During their stay at our farm, your pet will enjoy trainer supervised play friends, cuddle time with vets to give them plenty of reassurance, and even learn some new skills or words!

To relieve boredom during down times, we offer breed specific enrichment games  


To keep our more anxious pets relaxed, we also offer aromatherapy and sonic tunes that are specifically designed to help relieve stress. Living on property means thaty your pets will maintain their regular care schedule.


 Our team of friendly staff members are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide support throughout your pet's stay.

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