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New Pet

Let's find your next best friend!

Finding the Right Pet for your family can be tricky

Adding a furry member to the family requires careful consideration.

To find a pet that complements your life, we examine your lifestyle and preferences to determine the type, breed, and age range. After that, you can search in rescues, shelters or with breeders. Finally, assess the animals to ensure they are a good fit for your family. 

We will explore factors such as lifestyle, personality, breed preferences, exercise, level of care, and home space to ensure a harmonious life-long relationship. We help you do the necessary research and offer recommendations to trustworthy sources like animal shelters, foster organizations, and quality breeders, so you can make an informed decision and welcome a new furry friend into your home with confidence!

Concierge Pet Matching

STEP 1- Identify the right type and breed to match your lifestyle

Let's find your next pet dog, cat, horse, small animal, or bird!

Concierge pet matching is an innovative service that helps pet owners find the perfect companion for their furry friends. 

Concierge pet matching is a process of identifying the right pet type, breed, and age range for pet owners by taking into account lifestyle, personality traits, care expectations, and preferences. 

The benefits of this service are multiple; pets benefit from being provided with a loving home while owners can rest easy knowing they have chosen an animal that fits their lifestyle and expectations.

Spend less time searching for a new pet and more time enjoying their new relationship with your new best friend. With the help of our professional pet matchmakers, these friendships are stronger and longer lasting than ever before, resulting in happier people and healthier animals.

Concierge Pet Matching includes

  • one 30min virtual call,

  • lifestyle form review,

  • an email outlining the ideal breeds for your family

Just $99

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Pet Sourcing 

Step 2- Find the right individual & local resources

Finding the right rescue or breeder is a fundamental element to selecting and bringing home a healthy, happy pet. It is important to research different breeders, read pedigrees, evaluate parents personalities, understand the breed's confirmation, common congenital disorders and knowledge of genetic testing offered to choose the healthiest individual from ethical breeders.

We also find it important to ask questions about their breeding or foster process, their current home environment, and even request pictures of the facility to make sure it is clean and well-maintained. We also do research on the overall reputation of the breeder or rescue. 

We also recommend visiting a potential foster, breeder, or rescue in person to assess their practices, make sure you are comfortable with them and the pet's parents before making a commitment. This is a great time to evaluate temperaments to be sure you to bring the best furry friend home.

Pet Sourcing includes:

  • one 30 minute virtual call,

  • a pet report with 3-5 recommended pets including information about the pet's current living environment,

  • any available behavior or life history 

  • information about the rescue or breeder including application form links.

Just $149

Temperament Evaluations

Ensuring the pet you've chosen has the character to grow with your family

Prior to bringing a new pet home, it is important to complete a temperament evaluation. This is designed to assess the behavior of the pet and determine if they will be a good fit for your family. The evaluation typically includes an initial interview that assesses the pet's past experiences with humans, their reaction to new people, how they interact with other animals and their general level of comfort in different surroundings. It can also include tests such as how well the pet responds to behavior exercises., body language, being handled peculiarly, as well as introductions tests.

We will also discuss the pet's temperament and "handling instructions" with the entire family to foster a smooth and safe new home transition for all.

Ultimately, these tests are designed to help ensure that you bring home a pet that will be a good companion and fit into your family seamlessly.

Temperament evaluations  include:

  • Three 30 minute virtual calls guided by a professional animal behavior consultant 

  • Personalized pet introduction behavior management plan to be discussed with the entire family

Starting at $99

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New Pet Home Setup

A safe home is a harmonious home

Setting up your home for your new pet is an exciting and rewarding step in the relationship between you and your pet. To ensure your pet feels safe and secure, in their new home, we start with properly arranging their living space. For example we recommend their sleeping area is quiet and secluded from the rest of the house, so that they are able to get sufficient sleep without any distractions. We'll recommend designated feeding areas and discuss specific toys (and amounts) to keep them entertained yet limit behavioral issues. This will fluctuate by breed, toy type, and age. We also plan a set routine for meals and healthy games to help you bond with your pet and help it become familiar with their environment much more quickly. By working with us, you'll be ensuring that your furry friend is ready for the long journey ahead!

Home Setup  includes:

  • One 30 minute virtual call from home 

  • Personalized daily pet care plan

  • Home setup product list

Just $99

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We're All Ears!

We provide free behavior evaluations to begin solving your pet's problems today. Whether you're searching for your next furry friend or need training, behavioral support, or pet care advice, reach out! Our team is eager to help achieve harmony with your pet in any way possible.

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