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Training & Behavior

Training Solutions for all pets

Creating lasting bonds with your fur-family

 Training and behavior modification solutions are offered virtually, in-person, or on-site, depending on the pet's situation and your family's best interest. 

Training focuses on teaching cues to guide pets into desired behaviors, as well as working on communication habits between the pet and its owner.  If you're looking for a more hands-on approach, virtual services offer guidance for you to train your pet at your pace, while allowing a more consistent relationship with the trainer. In-home training allows for the trainer to get a better understanding of the environment which can be beneficial for certain dogs with anxiety or other environmental factors that might affect their behavior. We also offer intensive training options such as our hybrid program that combines our Training Camp program with in-home or virtual services to ensure consistency in training throughout your pet's life. To determine the best solution for your pet, we offer Free Evaluations with our head trainer behavior specialist. 

Behavior modification is focused on deeper seated behaviors that have become a problem such as anxiety, aggression, or fearfulness. Behavior modification involves problem solving, tracking specific behaviors, and understanding underlying causes behind these behaviors so that they can be changed long-term with effective relationship building techniques. The goal is that through this process, owners can learn about how best to manage and improve their pet’s behavior in all environments with consistency and compassion.

We believe every pet of any age has the ability to learn and grow. With the right guidance and structure, pets can learn good behavior habits that will last a lifetime.

We'll address

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Teaching good manners is the most important part of  training, as it can help them learn how to interact appropriately with other animals and humans.

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We use behavior modification techniques & holistic solutions such as pheromones, pet music, trained games, and enrichment toys to redirect fear & anxiety.



Teaching communication skills in dog training can help create a more meaningful and rewarding relationship between owners and their dogs.

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To reduce reactivity in pets, we teach them to focus on their owner first and reward them for remaining calm. By doing so, we can develop positive behavior patterns. 

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Focus & Attention

Proper timing, consistency, and praise are essential for teaching any pet to be more responsive. With repetition, they learn to respond quickly and accurately.

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We address resistance issues by understanding and responding to your pet's motivations, and using plenty of positive reinforcement to promote synergy.

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Consistent guidance and affirmation throughout diverse experiences builds trust This allows them to develop confidence within the safety of your bond.

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Socialization with other dogs and people in a safe environment ensures that the dog can learn to trust and interact appropriately with its surroundings, with safety for all.

Virtual Services

  • Zero stress- you don't need to leave the comfort of your homes to take their pets for training or behavior help. 

  • Expert guidance- we provide online advice and support to address any pet-related issue. 

  •  Cost-effective-no need to pay for additional travel expenses or time away from home. 

  • Increased accuracy in tracking your pet's progress with real-time data collection without external influences.

  • Opportunity to personalize the training program to specifically address your pet's needs 

  • Convenient for the entire family- Flexible scheduling, so you schedule virtual training sessions at times that fit into everyone's busy schedules. 

Virtual Behavior Support

For all  domestic pet animals- dogs, cats, horses, rodents, & parrots.

Do your pet's problem behaviors have you feeling held hostage?

Don't worry, we're here to restore harmony - let's get to the root of the issue. Whether your pet is struggling with anxieties, fears, phobias or aggressive tendencies, our personalized behavior solutions are tailored to your specific pet's needs and as well as your family, home layout, and schedule. 


Every pet is unique, so our approach is to customize solutions according to your pet's personality and motivation. The program is designed without a specific timeframe, ensuring that your pet will evolve, bond, and develop healthier communication skills.


During our consultation sessions, we'll work together to develop a personalized action plan to address unwanted behavior while tracking progress, and introducing meaningful cues and bonding games, breed specific toys, recommend exercises, develop enrichment plans, and explore natural holistic remedies to improve your pet's well-being and connection with your family.


Say goodbye to frustrating behavioral issues and hello to a happier, healthier bond with your furry friend!

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Virtual Pet Training Coach

Basic Training for hands-on pet parents

Modeling, manners, bonding, & boundaries define healthy relationships

We help you take your pup, kitten, horse, or bird from being naughty and rambunctious to a gentle and kind companion. The sessions are flexible and tailored to each individual pet's needs, allowing for weekly meetings to ensure that progress is being made.


During these sessions you will learn the proper techniques to effectively train your pet, including teaching new words and commands as well as building a strong bond between you two. With our guidance, you will be able to successfully teach your pet desirable behaviors and have them exhibit those behaviors more often than not in no time.

By having personalized guidance and an experienced trainer always within reach, your relationship with your furry friend can blossom into something truly special.

There's no better feeling than watching your fur-baby learn new things and being a part of their progress - that's why we make training fun!

Long Term Success

• Long term success plans allow on site training camp as well as ongoing support and promote consistency 

• We address behavior issues, then integrate pet back into your home with ongoing virtual training.

• Your dog will be trained AND you'll be coached on how to understand, communicate, and maintain their training.

• Your pet will learn what's expected from them, develop impulse control, gain manners, and learn 20+ new words within our training environment

• With consistency, unwanted behaviors will not  develop and you'll have a trainer on call to support and guide you

• Hands on guidance to assist owners in learning how to properly reinforce the training offered to their pets

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Hybrid Dog Training

The ideal combination of train & board,  in-virtual, & in-home

Hybrid training solutions are a thorough, comprehensive approach to teaching and maintaining your pet's proper behavior. Hybrid training solutions integrate two weeks of training on our home & farm, as well as training in their home.


During the their time on the farm, our experienced trainers will teach obedience cues, manners, expand experiences, and provide proper socialization. Dogs will have the opportunity to interact with other animals, learn basic commands, and become comfortable with a number of experiences and conditions. We introduce your dog to new people, model healthy games, and offer enrichment activities while also maintaining consistency in their learning. We'll even take them to restaurants, hardware stores, and events.


The one on one training is designed to help acclimate your pet to build a healthier bond between pet and owner and reinforce the lessons learned during the farm-based portion of the program. During these personalized sessions, trainers can answer questions, provide feedback, and assess progress that is uniquely tailored to the animal's needs and goals.

The consistency of this hybrid approach ensures that both pet and owner understand commands and expectations and provides specialized attention throughout their journey.

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We're All Ears!

We provide free behavior evaluations to begin solving your pet's problems today.

Whether you're searching for your next furry friend or need training, behavioral support, or pet care advice, reach out!


Our team is eager to help achieve harmony with your pet in any way possible.

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