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At Pet Life Harmony, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

Our Story

I've dedicated my life to understanding, translating, training, and caring for all pets large & small.


With a profound passion for pet care and training since a young age, I've accrued diverse experience across various segments of animal care. Having worked at veterinary hospitals, run a horse farm focused on nutrition & retirement, and trained horses and dogs for over two decades, I possess a deep understanding of animal needs, nuances of pet communication. and work closely with pet parents to keep them healthy, relaxed, and happy. I specialize in providing a unique lens through which pet parents can better understand, interact, and connect on a deeper level with their furry friends.


In addition to earning a Bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior and Human Psychology from Delaware Valley University, I have trained, rehabilitated, and matched hundreds of horses, dogs, and cats with their perfect forever homes. I've also bred and trained service dogs for special families with particular needs.

Working with a variety of animals - from cats and dogs to horses and exotic species - I believe that every individual is unique. Motivation, personality, breed, experiences, exercise, family dynamics, home setup, and genetics all play an integral role in forming a pet's character and molds their view of the world. I work hard to translate those perspectives so you can build stronger bonds with your pets and develop custom plans that mesh perfectly with each individual family's expectations.

Over the last 7 years, privately training and breeding PTSD, Anxiety, & Depression service dogs has empowered me to offer my services to local Charleston and Dorchester county families. I've found that most dogs wants to know how to support their people. By offering the training for the dog to recognize the signs and act in such a way to help resolve the times we are at our lowest, the sense of purpose imparted upon the dog is deeply impactful. Your best friend WANTS TO BE THERE FOR YOU! Offering dogs the tools to understand our needs and forging a mutually beneficial relationship offers me the most profound reward.

For those without a pet yet, feel free to reach out! Uniting people with their ideal match while equipping them with all the tools they need to help build lifelong relationships together is a skill, science, and joy for me.

My mission is to ensure life long harmonious fur families in hopes of reducing the number of pets that end up in shelters. 

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Harmony: a state of peaceful, cooperative coexistence between two or more entities.

At Pet Life Harmony, we believe that a balanced relationship focused approach to pet training is the best way to foster a lasting connection and understanding between humans and their pets. We use body language, operant conditioning, clicker training, and behavior modification techniques to help pets learn new behaviors and unlearn existing ones. Our holistic view of your pet's life and experiences enables us to gain insight into individual character traits as well as behavioral impacts. Using this information, we can begin planning a better life balance and employ solutions that work for the entire family including bonding games, enrichment breed based toys, home layout planning, as well as creating boundaries and learning how to communicate with training to address unwanted behaviors. Training is only a small part of the solution to maintaining a balanced, harmonious, fur-filled environment. Each relationship your pet maintains, your pet's age, nutrition, exercise, breeding, and even grooming affect your pet's emotional well being. Ultimately our goal is to find harmony in the relationship between people and their pets by providing the necessary tools and knowledge for both parties to successfully communicate and care for one another.

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We're All Ears!

We provide free behavior evaluations to begin solving your pet's problems today. Whether you're searching for your next furry friend or need training, behavioral support, or pet care advice, reach out! Our team is eager to help achieve harmony with your pet in any way possible.

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