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Developing well-rounded dogs using a holistic approach.

Support throughout your pet's life journey

Our comprehensive puppy program is designed to provide puppies with the best foundation to become family superstars. We understand that every family has unique needs and goals, so we tailor our program to fit the individual family's requirements. By incorporating pet home planning, ongoing training, socialization, teaching self-soothing games, and encouraging balanced behavior habits, our behavior specialists will mold your puppy into a well-adjusted and socialized member your household.

We provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the training process, combining virtual training with classes in our facility. Staying consistent during their time of development will create the ideal harmonious relationship between puppy and family. Before your pet comes home, we will work with your family to prepare the home for the arrival of their new pup and teach you how to set up effective boundaries and routines. 

During their 3 weeks of learning on site, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment with plenty of enrichment activities so that your pup will have fun while learning essential lessons during your time apart from each other. At our training farm, we take the time to understand all aspects of their personality and behavior. All activities are monitored for safety as we strive for each pup’s full potential.  We also spend time teaching the puppy proper behaviors, commands, and etiquette to help them integrate easily into their new home.

Puppy Program

Virtual Support


Throughout Our Puppy Program,
Your Puppy will learn

Pet Life Pics (29).png


Going for a Walk


Pet Life Pics (27).png


Pet Life Pics (24).png


Pet Life Pics (33).png


Brown Dogs


Pet Life Pics (28).png

Lay Down

Pet Life Pics (47).png


Pet Life Pics (37).png


Pet Life Pics (46).png

Leave it

Pet Life Pics (73).png


Pet Life Pics (30).png

Say Hi!

Pet Life Pics (75).png


Going for a Ride


Pet Life Pics (46).png


Pet Life Pics (76).png


Pet Life Pics (26).png

Door Manners

Dog Pet

Greeting Manners


Mealtime Manners

Family with Pets


Pet Life Pics (48).png

Play Manners

Pet Life Pics (55).png

Handling Manners

Pet Life Pics (56).png

Manners in Public

Dog Walking

Social Manners

We'll address:


Pet Life Pics (74).png


Pet Life Pics (78).png


Pet Life Pics (70).png


Pet Life Pics (77).png


Pet Life Pics (72).png



Pet Life Pics (69).png

Reactive Impulses

& much more!

Molding happy, balanced puppies

In addition to the skills included in Training Camp, you'll receive:
Home Guidance
Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-14T113941.833.png

Puppy Proofing

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-14T114119.043.png

Puppy room planning

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-14T115331.106.png

Crate Use & Placement

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-14T115518.461.png

Healthy Toy Recommendations

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-14T115845.120.png

Home Boundaries

A girl and her dog

Bonding & Play Exercises

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-14T131313.083.png

Daily Routine Planning

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-14T131728.734.png

Housebreaking Plan

We'll work with you
Pet Life Pics (99).png

At- Home

Pet Life Pics (100).png

In Public

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-13T164522.994.png

With Family

In- Home Train & Board

• Dogs stay in my home: We maintain the best quality of care, maintaining a similar schedule as they would have at home is important to us! We care for the dogs 7AM- 10PM, as you would at home.

• Lifetime Training Solution: The program offers a lifetime training solution, so even after your dog has completed its initial training, it can continue to receive guidance and feedback as needed.

• On site Training done in our home establishes manners, boundaries, and commands. Your dog will have established and consistent boundaries and commands that are taught throughout the program’s duration.

• Bring Home a Completely Trained Dog with Full Understanding: You can rest assured that the program will provide your dog with an understanding of basic commands, behaviors, boundaries, and manners to ensure a stress-free home environment. 

Puppy Training

A Hybrid Approach

The ideal combination of training camp and virtual coaching to create healthy habits that can be maintained for life

Hybrid training solutions are a thorough, comprehensive approach to teaching and maintaining your pet's proper behavior. Hybrid training solutions integrate two weeks of training on our home & farm, as well as training in their home.


During the their time on the farm, our experienced trainers will teach obedience cues, manners, expand experiences, and provide proper socialization. Dogs will have the opportunity to interact with other animals, learn basic commands, and become comfortable with a number of experiences and conditions. We introduce your dog to new people, model healthy games, and offer enrichment activities while also maintaining consistency in their learning. We'll even take them to restaurants, hardware stores, and events.


The one on one training is designed to help acclimate your pet to build a healthier bond between pet and owner and reinforce the lessons learned during the farm-based portion of the program. During these personalized sessions, trainers can answer questions, provide feedback, and assess progress that is uniquely tailored to the animal's needs and goals.

The consistency of this hybrid approach ensures that both pet and owner understand commands and expectations and provides specialized attention throughout their journey.

Dog Walker at the Park

Virtual Services

New Puppy Home Setup

A safe home is a harmonious home

Setting up your home for your new puppy is an exciting and rewarding step in building a healthy, loving relationship. To ensure your pet feels safe and secure, in their new home, we start with properly arranging their living space. For example we'll recommend the ideal place in your home to place your puppy's den to encourage a relaxed puppy. We'll also recommend designated feeding areas and discuss specific toys (and amounts) to keep them entertained yet limit behavioral issues. This will fluctuate by breed, toy type, and age. We also plan a set routine for meals and healthy games to help you bond with your pet and help it become familiar with their environment much more quickly. By working with us, you'll be ensuring that your furry friend is ready for the long journey ahead!

Home Setup  includes:

  • One 30 minute virtual call from home 

  • Personalized daily pet care plan

  • Home setup product list

Pet Life Pics (42).png

Puppy Milestone Coach

Ongoing virtual support to encourage the best life possible.

Ensure that your pup is on the right track to leading a happy and healthy life. Our behavior coaches will evaluate each pup’s progress, assigning bonding and training activities that are tailored to meet the needs of each unique pet. During our meetings we will reinforce cues, socialize your pup, form a respectful communication between pet and owner, as well as provide you with advice and guidance on how to continue fostering a trusting relationship between you both. 

In addition, Puppy Milestone Coaches understand the importance of mental & physical exercise, breed based enrichment, and social exposure in order for puppies to become balanced and harmonious in their home environment. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through activities that are designed to foster positive behavior; including providing strategies on how best to implement a consistent routine that is beneficial for your pup's growth and development. With ongoing guidance from Puppy Milestone Coaches, owners can rest assured they are taking all steps necessary to give their pets the best possible life.

Pet Life Pics (2).png

We're All Ears!

We provide free behavior evaluations to begin solving your pet's problems today. Whether you're searching for your next furry friend or need training, behavioral support, or pet care advice, reach out! Our team is eager to help achieve harmony with your pet in any way possible.

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