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Training & Behavior

Total Transformation Training

A holistic view to training & behavior modification

On site dog training offers a great number of benefits to both the dog and their owner. The most obvious advantage is that it allows for one-on-one instruction with an experienced trainer who can provide personalized attention and guidance. During Training Camp, our behavior specialist has the opportunity to observe the pet in a controlled environment, which can be beneficial when troubleshooting any behavioral issues that may arise. This experience can prove invaluable in ensuring that the dog is learning proper behaviors, commands, and obedience skills in a safe and effective manner.

Combining on site training with virtual or at-home training with our hybrid program fosters consistency in training so healthy habits can be maintained throughout your pet's life. We also offer boarding so your buddy can continue learning anytime you're away. 

Have peace of mind knowing that your furry companion has an animal behavior specialist on call for life who will help them grow into a well adjusted pet citizen.

During training, we'll address

In- Home Train & Board

• Dogs stay in my home: We maintain the best quality of care, maintaining a similar schedule as they would have at home is important to us! We care for the dogs 7AM- 10PM, as you would at home.

• Lifetime Training Solution: The program offers a lifetime training solution, so even after your dog has completed its initial training, it can continue to receive guidance and feedback as needed.

• On site Training done in our home establishes manners, boundaries, and commands. Your dog will have established and consistent boundaries and commands that are taught throughout the program’s duration.

• Bring Home a Completely Trained Dog with Full Understanding: You can rest assured that the program will provide your dog with an understanding of basic commands, behaviors, boundaries, and manners to ensure a stress-free home environment. 

During Training Camp, Your Dog Will Learn

Pet Life Pics (29).png


Going for a Walk


Pet Life Pics (27).png


Pet Life Pics (24).png


Pet Life Pics (33).png


Brown Dogs


Pet Life Pics (28).png

Lay Down

Pet Life Pics (47).png


Pet Life Pics (37).png


Pet Life Pics (46).png

Leave it

Pet Life Pics (73).png


Pet Life Pics (30).png

Say Hi!

Pet Life Pics (75).png


Going for a Ride


Pet Life Pics (46).png


Pet Life Pics (76).png


Pet Life Pics (26).png

Door Manners

Dog Pet

Greeting Manners


Mealtime Manners

Family with Pets


Pet Life Pics (48).png

Play Manners

Pet Life Pics (55).png

Handling Manners

Pet Life Pics (56).png

Manners in Public

Dog Walking

Social Manners

We'll address:


Pet Life Pics (74).png


Pet Life Pics (78).png


Pet Life Pics (70).png


Pet Life Pics (77).png


Pet Life Pics (72).png



Pet Life Pics (69).png

Reactive Impulses

& much more!

Train & Board

A complete education for dogs of all ages on our farm & home

Our Train and Board program works to bring peace to the home, complete education on site, and a lifetime training solution that will last long after our work together is done.

After completing the program, you’ll bring home a completely trained dog with full understanding of established manners, boundaries, and necessary commands.


Our expert trainers help your furry friends learn obedience cues, manners, and expand their experiences while on the farm. They will have the opportunity to meet new animals, learn basic commands, and become comfortable with a myriad of experiences and conditions. We introduce your dogs to new people, model healthy games, and offer enrichment activities while also ensuring consistency in their learning. We even accompany them to restaurants, hardware stores, and events, providing holistic socialization and training.


We will also offer a complementary in-home session to re-introduce your pet into the home. This intensive program will ensure that your pet can receive the obedience they deserve while also having a balanced life with clear expectations.

Our program helps create peace and harmony in the home by equipping both owners and dogs with the tools necessary for success.

 With our program your pup will come home happy, healthy, obedient, and fully trained!

Dogs with Dog Walker

Addressing Behavioral Concerns

Our hybrid approach allows us to work with your dog on-site as well as in your home
Pet Life Pics (80).png

Dog Greeting & Play Habits

Pet Life Pics (83).png

Confidence in any environment

Dog lying in the withered grass

Solo- Play Habits

Pet Life Pics (84).png

Self Soothing Habits

Lazy Dog

Relax Time Habits

Dog Walk

Attentive despite distractions

Pet Life Pics (81).png

Stranger Greetings


Family Specific Cues

Pet Life Pics (87).png

People Play Habits

Pet Life Pics (85).png

Breed Specific Enrichment

Pet Life Pics (50).png

Ignore All


Pet Life Pics (86).png

Bonding Exercises

Pet Life Pics (82).png



Pet Life Pics (88).png

Boredom Relief Solutions

Dogs with trainer

Social Habits

Pet Life Pics (89).png

Stress Relief Solutions

*Training Camp cues included

We'll address:
Pet Life Pics (90).png


Pet Life Pics (91).png

Repetitive Habits

Pet Life Pics (92).png


Pet Life Pics (95).png


Pet Life Pics (94).png

Excessive Barking

Pet Life Pics (97).png

Destructive Behavior

Pet Life Pics (93).png

Reactive Habits

Pet Life Pics (98).png

Inappropriate elimination

We'll work with you
Pet Life Pics (99).png

At- Home

Pet Life Pics (100).png

In Public

Pet Life Pics - 2023-10-13T164522.994.png

With Family

Girl Hugging her Dog_edited.jpg

Behavior Modification

A Hybrid Approach

The ideal combination of train & board,  in-virtual, & in-home

Hybrid training solutions are a thorough, comprehensive approach to teaching and maintaining your pet's proper behavior. Hybrid training solutions integrate on-site, as well as training in their own home.


During the their time on the farm,  they will learn obedience cues, manners, expand experiences, address problematic behaviors, and provide proper socialization. Dogs will have the opportunity to interact with other animals, learn basic commands, and become comfortable with a number of experiences and conditions. We introduce your dog to new people, model healthy games, and offer enrichment activities while also maintaining consistency in their learning. We'll even take them to restaurants, hardware stores, and events.


The one on one training is designed to help acclimate your pet to build a healthier bond between pet and owner and reinforce the lessons learned during the farm-based portion of the program. During these personalized sessions, trainers can answer questions, provide feedback, and assess progress that is uniquely tailored to the animal's needs and goals.

The consistency of this hybrid approach ensures that both pet and owner understand commands and expectations and provides specialized attention throughout their journey.

Our Training Facility

Limited to 5-7 dogs, Located in Hollywood, SC

  • Every dog receives a minimum of 4 training sessions per day

  • Hands on, compassionate attention including supervised play time, dedicated cuddle time, and plenty of exercise

  • Dogs stay in quiet rooms designed for dog relaxation.

  • Daily enrichment to prevent boredom - specifically designed for dogs to explore, investigate, and play.

  • Small Play groups limited to 2-3 dogs

  • In Home Stay & Training

Pet Life Pics (44).png

Your pet becomes our Family

Creating a stimulating training environment 

Boarding with your pet's best well-being in mind

Your pet's stay in our  training facility is designed to stimulate and motivate your pet to LOVE learning while having FUN!

With our home on the same property as the training facility, we ensure the best quality of care, with direct attention from 7AM-10PM. We are attentive and available for your pet's needs, and every dog spends time in our home as well so every dog goes home with household manners and boundaries. 

During their stay at our farm, your pet will enjoy trainer supervised play, cuddle time with to give them plenty of reassurance, learn stimulating enrichment games, and even learn some new skills to communicate with different people and animals.

We also teach enrichment games that provide a great source of mental and physical stimulation. These games can help to reduce boredom, curb destructive behaviors, and provide an outlet for natural canine instincts such as hunting and searching. Not only do they provide fun and exercise, but they also help to increase problem-solving skills, encourage exploration of new environments, build confidence, and strengthen social bonds as they encourage interactive play.


We also teach dogs games that can be played alone to reduce boredom at home mentally stimulate them, potentially preventing behavioral problems due to lack of exercise or attention. By showing dogs an enjoyable way to expend energy, these games can also help prevent naughty behavior like destructive chewing or barking and can also help build confidence in shy or anxious dogs.


In addition to offering plenty of exercise, cuddles and play time, we also offer pheromone based aromatherapy and play dog specific sonic high-frequency vibration music to relieve separation anxiety, stress and promote deep relaxation. With an animal behaviorist living on property, your pets will maintain their regular care schedule while having a great time while learning how to be harmonious, at peace, and their best selves! 

Pet Life Pics (2).png

We're All Ears!

We provide free behavior evaluations to begin solving your pet's problems today. Whether you're searching for your next furry friend or need training, behavioral support, or pet care advice, reach out! Our team is eager to help achieve harmony with your pet in any way possible.

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