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A Free Webinar on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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In this webinar we will cover

Harmony: a state of peaceful, cooperative coexistence between two or more entities.

At Pet Life Harmony, we believe that a balanced relationship focused approach to pet training is the best way to foster a lasting connection and understanding between humans and their pets. We use body language, operant conditioning, clicker training, and behavior modification techniques to help dogs learn new behaviors and unlearn existing ones. Our holistic view of your pet's life and experiences enables us to gain insight into individual character traits as well as behavioral impacts. Using this information, we can begin planning a better life balance and employ solutions that work for the entire family including bonding games, enrichment breed based toys, home layout planning, as well as creating boundaries and learning how to communicate with training to address unwanted behaviors. Training is only a small part of the solution to maintaining a balanced, harmonious, fur-filled environment. Each relationship your pet maintains, your pet's age, nutrition, exercise, breeding, and even grooming affect your pet's emotional well being. Ultimately our goal is to find harmony in the relationship between people and their pets by providing the necessary tools and knowledge for both parties to successfully communicate and care for one another.

During training, we'll address

Your Dog Will Learn

Pet Life Pics (24).png

House Breaking

Pet Life Pics (30).png

Say Hi!

Pet Life Pics (47).png


Pet Life Pics (29).png


Pet Life Pics (45).png


Pet Life Pics (46).png

Leave it

Pet Life Pics (27).png


Pet Life Pics (28).png

Lay Down

Pet Life Pics (48).png

Play Manners

Pet Life Pics (33).png


Pet Life Pics (50).png


Pet Life Pics (55).png

Handling Manners

Pet Life Pics (26).png

Door Manners

Pet Life Pics (37).png


Pet Life Pics (56).png

Manners in Public

& much more!

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