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Serving Greater Charleston Area including Dorchester County & Surrounding Areas

Bringing Harmony to pets & their people

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We transform Chaotic behaviors



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Door Dashing

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Reactive Impulses

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Destructive Tendencies

Into Calm, Harmonious Ones

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Calm Introductions

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Loose Leash Walking

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Impulse Control

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Manners In-Public


Basic & Functional Cues

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All Household Manners

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Our Mission at Pet Life Harmony

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Harmony: a state of peaceful, cooperative coexistence between two or more entities.


At Pet Life Harmony, we believe that a balanced, relationship-focused approach to dog training is the best way to foster a lasting well behaved dog who thrives on communication and understanding their humans. Our mission is to help any dog of any breed or age become the best versions of themselves by training functional cues that allow them to feel a sense of purpose, understanding, and partnership with their people. With a gentle, stress-free approach that is adjusted to any dog's motivation, we aim to become your on-call trainer for the rest of your pet's life. We use body language, positive reinforcement, current behavioral scientific studies, condition verbal reward in a similar fashion to clicker training, and behavior modification techniques to help dogs learn new behaviors and unlearn existing ones with confidence. We're dedicated to offering any dog a complete education focused on training the calm from basic obedience to service dog training. Our commitment extends to hybrid style "board and train" programs combining training on our quiet farm with in-home training, as well as training the dogs in public social environments to provide immersive learning experiences for dogs of all ages.  Our programs are tailored to transform any rowdy rover into well-mannered, obedient, and socially adept member of society. We proudly serve the Charleston & Dorchester Counties with top-quality dog training services to foster well-mannered companions and provide the expertise of a professional degree certified animal behaviorist to all dogs in training. 


Training Packages

During training, we'll address

 Train &  Board that includes In-Home Sessions

The perfect learning environment- on a quiet farm, as well as in-home.

Our comprehensive training programs combine the benefits of learning in a quiet controlled training environment (promoting faster learning and less distractions) with the comfort of in-home sessions so their owners can give dogs the best of both worlds. 

We train your dog in our home on a 4 acre farm, where they can learn to relax and tune into their inner calm. Here, your pup will receive individualized attention and care with only 4-5 other dogs in training, allowing them to learn in a stress-free, fun environment.

During their stay, Noemi, our behaviorist and trainer will work with your pup 6 times per day. With training sessions from 7AM-11PM, she will teach them new cues, offer supervised play time, teach manners, improve impulse control, address on and off-leash manners, and solidify positive behaviors while eliminating the problematic behaviors. Once your pooch has developed a sense of calm and mastery of their new cues, they will be better equipped to handle the distractions and challenges of the world outside the farm. Your dog will then gain social skills in public with training sessions in pet friendly stores and restaurants. Once your dog passes a final canine citizenship test in public to graduate, you as an owner will be given the tools during in-home sessions to maintain the progress made. 

The benefits of this program are undeniable as we not only train commands, but also develop calm decision making while cultivating a harmonious bond between dog and owner.

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Meet Your Trainer
Noemi Wilson Debriano

I've dedicated my life to understanding, translating, training, and caring for all pets large & small.


With a profound passion for pet care and training since a young age, I've accrued diverse experience across various segments of animal care. Having gained experience working in veterinary hospitals, training facilities, groomers, and even trained horses as well as dogs for over two decades. Having a B.S in Animal Behavior, I possess a deep understanding of animal needs, nuances of pet communication. and work closely with pet parents to keep them healthy, relaxed, and happy. I specialize in providing a unique lens through which pet parents can better understand, interact, and connect on a deeper level with their furry friends.


Over the last 7 years, privately training and breeding PTSD, Anxiety, & Depression service dogs has empowered me to offer my services to local Charleston and Dorchester county families. I've found that most dogs wants to know how to support their people. By offering the training for the dog to recognize the signs and act in such a way to help resolve the times we are at our lowest, the sense of purpose imparted upon the dog is deeply impactful.

Your best friend WANTS TO BE THERE FOR YOU! Offering dogs the tools to understand our needs and forging a mutually beneficial relationship offers me the most profound reward.​


My mission is to ensure life long harmonious fur families in hopes of reducing the number of pets that end up in shelters.

There's more to it than just training!
Let's create a fulfilling, behaviorally balanced life for you and your pet.

We will:
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Mold your pet into a balanced individual  - we teach manners, cues, and create healthy communication habits to foster lifelong transformations. Our methods combine motivation based positive reinforcement with gentle corrections tailored to individual needs, ensuring effective and sustainable results.We tailor our methods to your dog's natural desires to foster mutual understanding 
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Functional Cues Customized to your Family & Home - Each training program not only includes essential commands such as sit, down, heel, come, and stay, but also includes functional cues like eye contact, backing up, door cues, dropping items on command, leaving objects alone, settling down, ringing a bell to signal the need to go outside, and loose leash walking manners. 
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We Address Problem Behaviors & Train The Calm- So you can live in Harmony
We develop confidence and good manners in any scenario. We train the dogs in various environments including stores, restaurants, dog parks, and markets. Upon completion of the training program, all dogs will pass a public access test, a testament to their newfound skills in navigating social situations and interacting healthily within the community.
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We Teach You how to understand your pet's body language, behavior, manage interactions, and help you become your pet's trusted partner. Training incorporates your entire household- Our in- home sessions should include every member of your household to ensure consistency and strengthen a beneficial bond between your every member of your "pack". 
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Daily Progress Updates- We update pet parents daily with their pets progress via text, call, videos, and photos. It's just as important to us for our pet parents to have an understanding of their pet's behaviors, social interactions, and breed based instincts. We take the time to chat with pet parents daily and our phones are open 9-5 daily. 
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No Travel Needed- We Pick Your Pup Up & Drop It Off When Training is Over
To devise the perfect training plan for your dog, it's ideal for us to observe your pup in their home environment, view their yard, and see their interactions within your household. This is why we come to your home and train you and your pet there both before and after the Train & Board portion of our training. 
We build a bridge of mutual understanding by integrating relationship based training, behavior modification, enrichment planning, and holistic pet life counseling so any pet can life a harmonious, complete life. 

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South Carolina's Dog Training Experts. Delivering professional, reliable and tailored dog training, puppy training and behavior modification solutions to all dogs in need.
Serving Greater Charleston Area including Dorchester County & Surrounding Areas since 2016.

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